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NLP Training for Mediators – Virtual Mediation Lab Interview with Jason Schneider and Liz Becker Virtual Mediation Lab is a pilot project sponsored by the Association for Conflict Resolution -- Hawaii Chapter to: (1) Help mediators improve their skills and learn to mediate online, by participating in online Discover A Lot More

Part of Speech Tagging – Natural Language Processing With Python and NLTK p.4

Part of Speech tagging does exactly what it sounds like, it tags each word in a sentence with the part of speech for that word. This means it labels words as noun, adjective, verb, etc. PoS tagging also covers tenses of the parts of speech. This Discover A Lot More

4 – 2 – Estimating N-gram Probabilities – Stanford NLP – Professor Dan Jurafsky & Chris Manning

If you are interest on more free online course info, welcome to: Professor Dan Jurafsky & Chris Manning are offering a free online course on Natural Language Processing starting in March 19, 2012. Offered Discover A Lot More

FREE NLP LECTURE: SPEED ATTRACTION “The Mating Dance” – Decoding Female Body Language

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