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Video diary of an NLP Practitioner course with Richard Bandler by Rebecca Lacey

We asked Rebecca Lacey if we could follow his / her amazing experiences of training in NLP with NLP co-creator, Dr Richard Bandler in a special video diary. See for yourself how the attitudes and outlooks taught by Richard through NLP became ingrained Discover A Lot More

Life Coaching Courses | NLP Training | Life Coach Training | NLP Practitioner Courses | NLP Modeling People studying martial arts normally take months to learn this. These Trainees modeled me in less than 30 minutes to do the same thing. The key is only your mindset and not your physical power. This Discover A Lot More

Testimonials NLP Practitioner course with Richard Bandler and John la Valle May 2010.

Testimonials from some of the delegates that attended THE NLP Practitioner course held in London in May 2009. If you wish to train with Richard Bandler, the "genius" that co-created NLP, change your life, become a better communicator, become more Discover A Lot More