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Devashish Shankar – Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

Much of the Text Mining needed in real-life boils down to Text Classification: be it prioritising e-mails received by Customer Care, categorising Tweets aired towards an Organisation, measuring impact of Promotions in Social Media, and (Aspect based) Discover A Lot More

ABBYY Natural Language Processing – Semantics is Important for Classification and Search

Dr. Alexander Goerke, ABBYY Vice President of Semantic Technology Products and a pioneer in the field of document classification and document management systems, discusses the current state of ABBYY's revolutionary technology for semantic search Discover A Lot More

Tony Ojeda, Benjamin Bengfort, Laura Lorenz – Natural Language Processing with NLTK and Gensim

Speakers: Tony Ojeda, Benjamin Bengfort, Laura Lorenz In this tutorial, we will begin by exploring the features of the NLTK library. We will then focus on building a language-aware data product - a topic identification and document clustering algorithm Discover A Lot More

Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing (Richard Socher, Salesforce)

The talks at the Deep Learning School on September 24/25, 2016 were amazing. I clipped out individual talks from the full live streams and provided links to each below in case that's useful for people who want to watch specific talks several times Discover A Lot More