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Learning Representations for Language Understanding – Marie-Francine Moens #reworkDL

This presentation took place at the Deep Learning Summit in London on 24-25 Sept 2015: #reworkDL In the MUSE (Machine Understanding for interactive StorytElling) project (FP7-FET) natural language Discover A Lot More

Integration of Natural Language Understanding, Robot’s Memory and Planning in a Humanoid Robot

This video shows the results of the approach presented in the paper "Integration of Multi-Purpose Natural Language Understanding, Robot's Memory, and Planning in a Humanoid Robot Platform​". We introduce a framework that allows the robot to understand Discover A Lot More

Workshop by Nishant Chandra & John Kiran on Practical Natural Language Understanding- Part II

Practical Natural Language Understanding: From Data to Intent. The latest advances in natural language understanding has created a massive paradigm shift in dealing with text related data problems. Several open source tools are available in the Discover A Lot More

Multi-Purpose Natural Language Understanding Linked to Sensorimotor Experience in Humanoid Robots

This video demonstrates our approach to the domain description generation and natural language understanding works on the humanoid robot ARMAR-III in a scenario requiring planning and plan recognition based on human-robot communication. In this scenario, Discover A Lot More

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Approach towards Natural Language Understanding – Stephen Lernout, MIIA

The problem being addressed in this paper is that using brute force in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning combined with advanced statistics will only approximate meaning and thus will not deliver in terms of real text understanding. Discover A Lot More

JoGo the Robot Demonstrates his Natural Language Processing Capabilities

JoGo is an intelligent robot. He is capable of understanding speech patterns and responding in an intelligent and social way. The robots responses and personality can also be tweaked and improved with time. Natural Language Processing is an important Discover A Lot More