Free NLP Training : Erasing Painful Memories with NLP Technique

NLP Techniques are Powerful enough to bring you out the pain caused by any memory of the past. The NLP Technique to be used for this outcome is based on the understanding of NLP Modalities & Sub-Modalities. Following are the steps which you can follow to carry out this NLP Technique that helps you in “Removing the effect of a bad-memory”.

1. See that the event’s movie is going to play on a TV behind a grey glass wall.
2. See the movie playing in B/W without sound; reduce the volume to zero if there is any.
3. Pause the movie at a scene which represents the complete movie.
4. Make a acid rain start inside the TV which washes out the picture.
5. Once the TV screen is blank, count with loud voice 1,2,3 and GO!. Make the TV collide with sun and burn into ashes.
6. Repeat the process if required i.e. the disturbing image comes back.
Note: If the memory again triggers an un-resourceful state, look for the message your mind is giving you through it.

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