Part 1/3 – Anné Linden – First encounters with NLP

Anné Linden, The First Lady of NLP, founded and is the director of the New York Training Institute for NLP (NYTI/NLP) in Manhattan, which is the first NLP Institute in the World. Anné was a witness to and participant in the development of NLP. She was one of the members of the very first certification training group John Grinder and Richard Bandler offered. The New York Training Institute for NLP (NYTI/NLP) founded by Anné Linden, was the first NLP center in the world and enjoys an international reputation for the excellence of its programs and trainings. It is built on more than 33 years of the study, applications, and teaching of NLP. NYTI/NLP is cited by many as providing the highest quality and most thorough training available in NLP. The Institute is one of the major sources for NLP fundamentals and innovations; it has trained many of the outstanding NLP practitioners and trainers in the world.

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