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Codementor Office Hours: Introduction to Machine Learning & NLP: Building a Spam Classifier

https://www.codementor.io/officehours/1385095426/building-a-spam-classifier I'd like to live code building a basic spam detector as an introduction to Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.  This is a great activity for anyone looking Discover A Lot More

4 – 1 – Introduction to N-grams- Stanford NLP – Professor Dan Jurafsky & Chris Manning

If you are interest on more free online course info, welcome to: http://opencourseonline.com/ Professor Dan Jurafsky & Chris Manning are offering a free online course on Natural Language Processing starting in March 19, 2012. http://www.nlp-class.org/ Offered Discover A Lot More

An Introduction to NLP Modelling Part 1 | New Code NLP by James Lawson | Episode 6

Welcome to my latest video blog. Today I'm going to talk about modeling. First off what's modeling? Modeling is a word that describes a huge number of processes that we, as human beings, use when we're learning how to do something. We were exceptionally Discover A Lot More