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Named Entity Recognition – Natural Language Processing With Python and NLTK p.7

Named entity recognition is useful to quickly find out what the subjects of discussion are. NLTK comes packed full of options for us. We can find just about any named entity, or we can look for specific ones. NLTK can either recognize a general Discover A Lot More

Part of Speech Tagging – Natural Language Processing With Python and NLTK p.4

Part of Speech tagging does exactly what it sounds like, it tags each word in a sentence with the part of speech for that word. This means it labels words as noun, adjective, verb, etc. PoS tagging also covers tenses of the parts of speech. This Discover A Lot More

MDM-L07T35: Natural Language Processing (NLP) \ Artificial Intelligence in Medicine – C

Bar-Ilan University & The Chaim Sheba Medical Center - The Biomedical Informatics Program - and The Science Network of Medical Data Mining Course 80-665 - Medical Data Mining Spring, 2012 Lecturer: Dr. Ronen Tal-Botzer Lecture 07: Artificial Intelligence Discover A Lot More

Scikit-Learn incorporation – Natural Language Processing With Python and NLTK p.15

Despite coming packed with some classifiers, NLTK is mainly a toolkit focused on natural language processing, and not machine learning specifically. A module that is focused on machine learning is scikit-learn, which is packed with a large array Discover A Lot More

Integration of Natural Language Understanding, Robot’s Memory and Planning in a Humanoid Robot

This video shows the results of the approach presented in the paper "Integration of Multi-Purpose Natural Language Understanding, Robot's Memory, and Planning in a Humanoid Robot Platform​". We introduce a framework that allows the robot to understand Discover A Lot More

Workshop by Nishant Chandra & John Kiran on Practical Natural Language Understanding- Part II

Practical Natural Language Understanding: From Data to Intent. The latest advances in natural language understanding has created a massive paradigm shift in dealing with text related data problems. Several open source tools are available in the Discover A Lot More

About Colourtext – Natural Language Processing through Sentiment Analysis & Text Mining

An Introduction to Colourtext: A semantic analysis dashboard based on a world-leading Natural Language Processing Engine, and a powerful data discovery platform. Colourtext uses emotional intelligence to process natural language text. We can Discover A Lot More

Multi-Purpose Natural Language Understanding Linked to Sensorimotor Experience in Humanoid Robots

This video demonstrates our approach to the domain description generation and natural language understanding works on the humanoid robot ARMAR-III in a scenario requiring planning and plan recognition based on human-robot communication. In this scenario, Discover A Lot More